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How To Care For Your Oak Furniture

How To Care For Your Oak FurnitureWhen a natural product such as oak is shipped it can on rare occasions, due to extreme weather conditions, be prone to slight swelling, this is normal and will settle in a short space of time, this normally affects drawers and doors and is not seen as a fault and a such is no reason to request a return or to refuse a delivery, in a few instances it may require you to swap doors or drawers around to rectify this or even a small amount of shaving, this will not alter the look of your item once a small of Danish oil is applied to the area, we also suggest this be done on a non-visible edge.

Oak is a natural product and to prevent drying out a certain amount of care is required this involves feeding the wood with a natural oil or wax every few months, this is a readily available product and easy to use, furniture polish should always be avoided, it is recommended to do this upon receipt of your goods as they may have spent some time in transit, failure to do this may result in splitting or cracking and will not be covered under this guarantee.

For general care of your oak it is vitally important that only a lint free cloth be used for dusting following the natural grain, any stains etc. must be wiped away immediately with a damp cloth and then buffed dry.

Things To Try And Avoid With Your New Oak Furniture:

How To Care For Your Oak Furniture* Avoid placing oak furniture next to a source of heat or in direct sunlight:

This can cause dryness, cracking and fading of colour.

* Avoid dragging oak furniture:

Although our oak furniture is solid and sturdy we advise that you do not drag furniture into place. Lifting and steadily setting all furniture down will preserve the integrity of the joints.

* Avoid putting hot items directly on to the surface of your furniture:

Always use place mats and table mats to protect.

* Avoid Exposure to strong cleaning agents, coffee, wine, water and other liquids:

Wipe up all spills immediately, simply use a cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning Your Oak Furniture:

Dust frequently with a dry or damp cloth, not soaked to prevent build up. For more stubborn stains and marks a mild soap is recommended. Bees Wax polish can be used along with other treatments such as Danish and Lemon Oils. Using furniture polishes will provide a protective layer and they do leave a residue which may affect refinishing later on. Whatever method you use be sure to put the polish directly on the cloth and not the furniture. This will prevent spotting and staining.

Care For Your Bathroom Furniture:

Satin Yacht VarnishAll of our oak bathroom units are coated in a clear satin lacquer which, if regularly waxed or oiled, will ensure the water does not penetrate the lacquer and damage the oak bathroom vanity unit’s finish. We recommend the Colron Danish Oil in Georgian Medium Oak which can be applied simply with a cloth:


Alternatively, we can also recommend that our oak vanity units are coated with a clear satin yacht varnish. This will ensure that the oak and lacquer finish remains protected and will look as good as new for the lifetime of the item.


Care For Your Ceramic And Marble Basins:

If you have chosen marble then this should be sealed using a stone seal product available from most good builder merchants. Granite, marble and travertine natural stone has taken millions of years to form, with this in mind please remember each piece is unique and will vary in colour, texture and marking. Marble and travertine will shoe veins in varying concentrations and colour where granite will show small flecks from minerals.

Clean natural stone on a regular basis with warm water and a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use general purpose cleaners or you may damage the stone or the sealer applied. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids as these may etch the stone surface and damage the polish. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.